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China HangZhou ZhongHui Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (HangZhou XiaoShan ZhongHui Industrial Furnace Factory) Located in Hangzhou xiaoshan area jinhua Supporting electrical and mechanical industrial park. Side of 03 Provincial roads dongfu line, Adjacent to Hangzhou-Jinhua and Quzhou Expressway, Line around the city of Hangzhou, railways, waterways, transportation is very convenient. zhonghui furnace is a history of more than a decade of professional design and manufacture of industrial electric furnace plant. Employed technical experts, engineers, professional and technical personnel ......   more>>

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Industrial Electric Furnaces: Bell type resistance furnace| Roller type muffle mesh belt production line| The melting furnace, melting furnace, melting furna| Sintering furnace| Well type tempering resistance furnace| Drum resistance furnace| Trolley resistance furnace| Pit type gas carburizing furnace| Roller type furnace| Roller type continuous annealing furnace| Fast automatic hydraulic oil quenching tank| Net belt normalizing spheroidizing isothermal annea| RCWA series mesh belt furnace| Constant temperature and humidity test chamber| Gas nitriding furnace| Well type furnace| Electric oven| Electrode salt bath furnace| Pusher type electric resistance furnace| Box type resistance furnace| Trolley type annealing furnace| Well type vacuum bright annealing furnace| Stainless steel mesh belt heat treatment furnace| Glass annealing furnace| Mesh belt quenching furnace| PMI prepolymer oven|
Furnaces Fittings: Refractory bricks| Tank furnace| Radiant tube heater| Electric wire| Radiation tube| Cotton insulation| Hermetically sealed motor| Heat resistant steel| Mesh belt|
Furnaces Cases: Vietnam testing stand| Large spheroidizing annealing furnace| Microcomputer control of large-scale carburizing fu| Brass pipe annealing furnace| Well type carburizing furnace group| Bell type furnace| Net belt type high temperature sintering furnace| 15T car-bottom furnace| Non muffle mesh belt idler type automatic productio| High precision type sintering furnace| High precision heating furnace| Continuous type muffle quenching line| Gas roller type annealing furnace| Continuous gas carburizing automatic production lin|
Furnace Images: box-type furnace| Large deep heating furnace| Liquid nitriding furnace| Well type crucible furnace| The use of box-type furnace| High precision oven| Forging furnace fuel| nitriding furnace|